PSIM Suite Licensing Begins

NTT DOCOMO has developed Portable SIM technology for transmitting subscriber identity between devices, enabling authentication of target devices on the desired mobile network as needed.
NTT DOCOMO has begun licensing the technologies to companies who wish to consider making use of it for device/solutions development.

Portable SIM technology was first announced in June 2014, followed by announcement of an additional version in March 2015. All of a Portable SIM technology with the latest update
“psim proxy” has now been packaged as PSIM Suite.

About Portable SIM

Usually, one SIM card is plugged into one device. When switching to a different carrier for traveling or for other reasons, the SIM card has to be replaced each time.

With Portable SIM technology, a master device which equips the SIM card can transmit SIM information to target devices wirelessly. This technology allows the SIM to be freed from conventional the one-on-one relationship with the device, enabling a wider range of combinations.

Available Combinations


License Cases

vol.1Cerevo Inc.

A development arrangement was announced with hardware startup firm Cerevo Inc. as the first company to license the technology.

Licensed technology

  • Portable SIM device
  • psim proxy

Interview : Mr. Iwasa / President and CEO of Cerevo Inc.

Application case for a product

vol.2Coming soon…

Use Cases of Portable SIM Technology

Use case ①

A concept movie of Portable SIM technology
(announced in October 2014)

Using a PSIM device as a wearable device

Taking advantage of the compact size to turn a PSIM device into a wearable device.
Another potential use is as a personal authentication device, making use of NFC or Bluetooth.

Technology used

  • Portable SIM device
  • Software enabling Portable SIM

Use case ②

Connecting IoT or similar device to SIM card only when required

Making use of multiple “psim proxy” functions, multiple devices can be used while switching SIMs, with one SIM card and one PSIM device.

Technology used

  • Portable SIM device
  • psim proxy

License Offering

Portable SIM device

  • Firmware source code
  • Hardware circuit diagrams
  • Related documents

psim proxy

  • Provision of device itself
    (consultation with partner firms Microtek and Dyna Card)
  • Dedicated application source code (Android/iOS)
  • Dedicated application related documents

Software enabling Portable SIM

  • Application source code (Android)
  • Application related documents
  • Chipset software (consultation with partner firm Qualcomm)

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Documentation on Portable SIM technology
(PDF of materials excerpted from our website)


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